Has your business grown to the point you have created an internal recruitment process and still needing to access external agencies?

DM1 Consulting can assist your business to in-house, all recruitment to save you thousands if not hundreds of thousands depending on the size of your business. This can be done by us reviewing and ensuring that your team is using the right tools and processes to ensure key areas such as candidate attraction, candidate management are state of the art.

Whether  we can assist by providing training to your existing recruiters, assist with ad writing, stream lining your processes and reviewing your e-recruitment capabilities we are sure we can save you money and improve your in internal recruitment functionality.

The fact is internal recruitment is not difficult if done correctly, and very cost effective. However when it becomes bogged down in out dated methodologies – this is when it becomes an additional cost to companies who then have internal recruitment plus agency costs.

Contact us for more information; you will be amazed at the savings we have generated for business.


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